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Paid Search Advertising


We serve your ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Youtube and diverse Content Networks. We’ll manage all of your accounts at once, for an integrated solution that optimizes your entire campaign, not just an Ad Words account. Interested in a platform that's not mentioned below? Talk to us! 


We target your ads by city, state/province or country. Depending on your unique business, we may optimize for time of day, category of interest, age, gender, device (mobile, tablets, desktops) and more with different ad formats. We’ll help you expand your reach and reduce bidding costs with advanced targeting optimization.


Wisdek tracks your campaign based on the metrics we set with you as KPI’s. First we take a bird’s eye look at how all of your different campaigns are working. Then, review how your budget is being used for each and find areas for improvement based on interaction rates. We also consider how your various ad channels affect each other to serve your ads in the optimal proportions for your business and industry.


Track every interaction with precision to improve results month after month. We optimize your campaign based on levels of interaction and bid costs. We’re also completely transparent about the services we provide. Receive regular monthly reports about your campaigns progress, follow along and monitor the success of your campaign along with us!

About Multi-Platform PPC

Google is the most popular place to advertise, and also the most expensive. Get more out of your investment with Multi-Platform PPC by reaching your audience through a diverse portfolio of online platforms.


Your customers have diverse experiences online. They search, explore different websites, research and interact with friends. With Multi-Platform PPC you're able to place your ads where your target market hangs out using several channels like Facebook and Google. Expand your reach and improve brand recognition for your business in one, streamlined campaign.

For a long time paid search has taken a back seat to organic search engine optimization. Today that is no longer the case. With a bigger variety of networks available, paid search is now an affordable advertising option.

Top online advertisers have identified the following areas as places they plan to increase ad spends for their clients next year:

  • Google Adwords by 73%
  • Yahoo / Bing Ads by 55%
  • Display Networks by 52%
  • Facebook by 52%

Work with us to:

  • Distribute Your Budget Across Popular Networks

    We can work with any budget to set goals and KPI's for your campaign on search engines, social media and content networks at the same time!

  • Leverage Behavioral Targeting & Conversion Tracking

    We make your budget work harder for you by identifying user segments that are most attracted to your business and monitoring engagement levels.

  • Engage in Campaign Optimization

    Once your campaign is running we pay close attention to click activity, conversion stats, and bid costs.

    We use this information to optimize the performance of your ads by adjusting targeting options and channels.We balance your budget across multiple platforms and find the sweet spot to drive sales.

  • Increase Your Returns From Sponsored Advertising

    We work with your campaign daily to achieve the lowest cost-per-conversion across the best platforms for your industry to bring you the highest volume of interested customers!

Streamline Your Online Advertising
Broadcast across several content display networks, search engines, and social media platforms to get the greatest reach from your media buy investment.
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